Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am a really bad blogger lately. Logan is now 3 and a half and Catarina is 15 months old. This is one of our recent pictures that was taken for the Church directory. Everyone is doing well and we are gearing up for Spring. This winter was one of the coldest we have experienced in our 7 years in Texas. I promise to try to post more pics later.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy 7th Month Catarina!

First off, let me apologize for not posting for about 3 months. I don't know how a person is supposed to find the time to do all that they feel needs to be accomplished in this busy, high-tech world. That being said, Facebook has been taking up most of my computer time and I have posted many photos there for those of you who use Facebook.

Okay, now to Catarina, I can't believe my baby is 7 months old already. Time is passing so quickly. We made a trip to Missouri recently for about a month. I have plenty of stories to document in her baby book from that trip. I think one of the most annoying at the time but hilarious now stories is from our first night on the farm in Salisbury. There was a huge thunder storm that night and the cows were roaming. I awoke to sounds of mooing coming from the outside of the camper and a steady rocking motion from time to time. I tried to ignore it and passed it off as the wind carrying the moos across the way and the wind rocking the camper. After awhile I realized it wasn't the wind. I peeked outside the window and I thought we were under attack! Cows were everywhere surrounding us! They were rocking the camper and the moos were really right outside! Of course due to the rain and the cows, when morning came the ground outside was a muddy, poopy mess. Flies everywhere because of the poop. Needless to say, the next night the cows were shut in the pasture.

Logan and Catarina took their first Ferry ride across the Missouri river while we were there. They got to see both sets of Grandparents, many aunts, uncles and cousins.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Official 3 Month Pics

Here are some of the pics we just took at Portrait Innovations. We have a family photo now!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Bro and Lil Sis

I think you can tell they are related. I especially like to see the difference in size between the two of them.

Happy 3 Months Catarina!

Where has the time gone? My beautiful baby girl is 3 months old. Here she is in several different outfits. Girls are so much fun to dress! Last night she slept 10 hours straight without waking up for a feeding and then still went back to sleep for 3 more hours. She is definately a sleeper at night. She likes to catnap frequently during the day.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Little Black Dress

I bought Catarina a onsie that says, "This is my little black dress." I thought it was cute so here she is ready for a night on the town!

Just Like Daddy

Logan had to get a skully cap like Daddy's for riding his new motorcycle.

Trash to Treasure

Our neighbor recently gave away their Power Wheels Harley Davidson to us. All it needed was new batteries. Logan was in love with it when he saw it, he said, "A motorcycle! Awesome." Unfortunately, he liked it much better before we got the batteries. I think it goes a little too fast for him. Mommy and Daddy think it's fun though! Hopefully he will grow into it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy 2 Months Catarina!

Has it really been 2 months already? Time is flying by. We go to the pediatrician for our 2 month check-up next week, I will be sure to let everyone know how much Catarina weighs and how long she is. She seems to have doubled in size.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Loot

Logan and Catarina with their Valentines.

Our Funny Valentine

Logan, Catarina and I had 2 Valentine's parties to attend this week. Daddy came home with this outfit for his newest Valentine on Wednesday, just in time for the parties. I think someone is smitten with his little girl!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon

Logan didn't want to take his nap yesterday and by the time he realized he was tired, he found himself in a compromising situation. Dogs will be dogs.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy 1 Month Catarina

Catarina's first month went by very quickly. She is now 10lbs. 4oz. and growing more every day. She is now in size one diapers and wearing her 0-3 month clothing. It's a shame she grew so fast, so many of her newborn outfits were never worn. Logan has adjusted to having a new baby sister and is doing well himself. We are back to attending some of our playgroup events and that always makes him happy.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Catarina's Baptism

Catarina had a very nice Baptism. We were glad to have some family present for the event. It ended up being a Conditional Baptism for Logan as well. His Baptism in Hawaii was not as "ceremonious" as Catarina's and Fr. Richard was nice enough to put our minds at ease.