Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy 8th Month!!!

Where has time gone? Logan was born 8 months ago today and it doesn't seem possible. Before we know it he will be celebrating his 8th year. We hope you enjoy his somber side as well as his smiles. He spent the day with his Daddy for the first weekend since we moved to Texas. Daddy has been working way too much. We also planted 3 trees today in our yard and they look really nice. Maybe one day we will have some shade!!


Alisha said...

Wow, Logan is really starting to look older! I guess I don't notice it as much in Gavin since I see him everyday. Any idea how tall he is or how much he weighs? I assume you won't know that until his nine month appointment. Gavin has just now doubled his birth weight!

PS - My mom picked up some Walking Wings for us from BRU in St. Louis. He used them for the first time last night. It was hilarious! We all need some time to get used to them, though!

Cynthia said...

We measured and weighed him ourselves and he came in at 28 and one quarter inches long and 18lbs. 8oz. We will see how accurate we were at his 9 month checkup. Our chubster doubled his birthweight in the 3rd month, but he only started out at 7lbs.
I'm glad Gavin got his wings. Fun, aren't they?

Magdalgtx said...

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