Tuesday, June 12, 2007

San Antonio Zoo

These are just a few photos from our visit to the zoo. Most of the pictures are of the animals so I chose to just post the ones with Logan in them. We spent a lot of time in the reptile house due to the heat...it was air conditioned inside. We actually got to see them feeding some of the larger snakes a meal of white rats.

Logan liked the petting zoo, I think it was his favorite part. He got licked on the hand by this particular goat and let out a chuckle.


Alisha said...

We are going to try the St. Louis Zoo this summer. We will have to find a day when it's cooler because I know Gavin will not take well to the heat. Gavin would have loved the goat, too!

Cynthia said...

Yes, I recommend waiting for a cool day. We almost melted out there. It was in the 90's.